a song

music comes quickly lately. this is moog, monome with modular filter, singing bowl.


Steve said...

It took me a minute to realize that the meditation bell sound was coming out of my speakers. I kept looking around my room for its source and almost concluded it was coming from the space between my ears.

Apertome said...

I had the same experience ... especially with the beeping construction trucks in the background, the ringing sound was messing with my head.

Very nicely done, a brief but interesting atmospheric piece with some nice filter work.

erik said...

the singing bowl had a close mic (sm-57) so it sits really close in the mix, it surprised me how that sounded too.

thanks for the feedback, atmospheric is mostly what i come to anymore -- there's a cluster of applications for the monome developed by minimalist composers that i go for every time.

i'm going to try to publish sketches more regularly, i am doing some scoring for patrick but have more than he can visualize at this point.

today off to half moon bay for an s24o

Steve said...

Damn. Half Moon Bay is one of my favorite spots. Just up the road, you can check out the old haunting grounds of the Merry Pranksters, and there are some nice small redwood-lined roads in that area.

pg said...

Is this an updated/expanded track of what you emailed me?

I like it.

Working on the video. It's a bit of a production. Bryan's gonna get involved too.

erik said...

this one's different, but similar. pretty much just another take on monome + moogerfoogers, with moog bass and randomness.

we should conference call this one, in the parlance of our time.