redwood park loop

we rode from berkeley up spruce to grizzly, over above the campus and down through redwood. saw several other rivendell riders, got fairly lost for awhile too--mainly this was a scouting attempt for some s24o action in the future out there. 35 miles and 3300 feet too, if you trust map my ride where we found the loop. definitely a road ride.

we'll be back soon for a s24o and some fire trails now that we have the access route. better pictures then (all the recent riding wore out the battery faster than we charge it so there are two shots from the cell phone, so it goes-at least documented.).

above campus

skyline and inside the redwood park (the descent from the top of the peaks to the park holds astonishing climate zone variety)

this one has pesto crust,hummus, heirloom tomatoes steeped in balsamic and garlic, and ricotta cheese.


Marmot said...

What an incredible view! How long did it take to get up there?

erik said...

it was probably 30 minutes of climbing, we took our time but there was still 5 miles to knock out. we're getting used to it which is wonderful as we can get to places like this!