analog submersible

9.30.09 by radiophonic

one of my favorites of late
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evolution into synchronicity

photos are from 2007 (because I couldn't get in a ride and wanted to pair this against something of comparable visual interest).


garden mantis

the ecosystem continues to develop


Briones Reservoir s24o

3 minute exposure using a lighter flame to illuminate foreground (same below)


heirloom magic

Closing time at the Farmer's Market is consistently good to us. Today was Heirloom Tomatoes for a dollar per pound. I think we got about 60 dollars worth of tomatoes for 12 bucks.



Binaural Transmission

Binaural Transmission by radiophonic

There are a few good moments here, mainly just technique experimentation though. Binaural positions change through the track (so, headphones if you want a spatial effect). Setup: Monome driving synthesized mallets in the rhythmic layer. Nord Electro (wurly) processed into a Moog MF-101 Lowpass Filter. CV envelope from the MF-101 is patched across to the moog voyager envelope trigger, which makes for the strange glitchy entrance/exit routine in the moog drone based on keyboard behavior.

Oh, look at the new contact cards. Familiar photos. I guess you could call me now, too.



Juniper s24o

We rode up Mt. Diablo for the new moon and stargazing.

rolling foothills (i used my canon 40d with polarized lens, later the photos are emily's ricoh grd)

climbing with the sunset

it's the start of tarantula mating season, so they were out and about.

good dusk/night riding as we approached our fire road.

playing around with a red task light (red, because it doesn't affect eye dilation nearly as much)

i needed a more solid tripod than my sweater

THE best night shot from the trip


(no tarantula entanglements were had, though several were curious)

deer, emily, bicycle.

we rode out on trails through shell ridge

(we are completely in the realm of emily and her grd by this point)



emily's mb-1 on its inaugural ride with nitto dirt drops (NOS from rivendell)

heather's goat looking fine


Road Night

emily's new stella 200L

mt. tam in the distance