built hunqa
just finished the build, lots of part bin stuff, think it turned out well...


20 people go by bike

out of the city

to halfmoon bay


up tunitas creek

down kings mt

across the dumbarton

and home again to the east bay.

a fantastic time, happily shared with wonderful people.



road bike

skyline overlook
road riding

riding trails (why not), redwood
trail riding

This 1979 Trek 710 came into my life last february, and I set it up single speed with parts laying around from my quickbeam. It's a nice light frame, made of reynolds 531, so when a 50 dollar campy record crank/bb came about last month I went forward and gave it gears. The drivetrain is a modern amalgamation, with that crank, a shimano 105 rear derailer and a shimano tiagra up front--all from my parts bin. Rear wheel is an ultegra hub laced to a mavic open pro, front was an awesome dumpster find--not sure of the exact model/year, but it's a mid-level campy high flange from the late 60s that someone was just throwing out before I intercepted it.


In 1979, Trek was still handbuilding their frames and silver brazing. I'm happy to have brought this one back to life, and it rides like a nice lightweight all rounder. 44.5cm chainstays, 7.2cm BB drop--stable. 73 degree headtube and seattube. It's a perfect bike for getting up the hill quick, and is stout enough to roll down a firetrail if I want to.

1979 Trek 710
excuse the busy background.