redding > latour state demonstration forest, dispersed camp (1 | 19)

On 08.05.11, I boarded the early morning amtrak and rode to redding. Wheeling out of the station around 3pm, I headed out for 3 weeks of touring adventure along the high sierra upon my trusty rivendell atlantis. First things first, there was hundred degree heat to contend with before I reached those cooler climes.

my first waypoint, lassen peak, visible over the lower ranges.

turning onto bateman road around 3000 ft, from which i would gain hwy 89 through a series of dirt forest roads that topped out around 6000ft

filtering water on my way up. camp that night would be set up in the dark alongside the trail: a long train/bus ride along with 40 miles continually climbing in the heat made for easy dreams.

...and we're back!

With three weeks of touring photos riding the spine of the sierra, north to south, I'm excited to share my travels with you.

Day 1: oakland [amtrak] redding > latour state demonstration forest, dispersed camp
Day 2: latour > lassen national park, summit lake campground
Day 3: lassen > indian valley, stealth camp
Day 4: indian valley > sulphur creek, dispersed camp
Day 5: sulfur creek > sierraville hotsprings
Day 6: hotsprings lazy day (camera break)
Day 7: sierraville > donner, porch (camera break)
Day 8: donner > luther pass, dispersed camp
Day 9: luther pass > bootleg campground
Day 10: bootleg > travertine hotsprings
Day 11: travertine > campground at bottom of tioga pass
Day 12: tioga bottom > sawmill campground
Day 13: sawmill > tuolumne meadows backpacker
Day 14: tuolumne > fish camp campground
Day 15: fish camp > shaver lake
Day 16: shaver > camp 4, kings river
Day 17: camp 4 > grant grove
Day 18: grant grove > visalia
Day 19: visalia [amtrak] oakland


"are you ready for the country?"

because it's time to go.

~see you around the 25th~