"are you ready for the country?"

because it's time to go.

~see you around the 25th~


Gary and Angela said...

Hey Erik. I have really been enjoying your blog the since I discovered it a few weeks ago! I had a random question for you. I noticed that in many posts you are wearing Birkenstocks. I was considering getting a pair since I live in Arizona so riding a bike in the heat is much more comfortable in the summer with sandals rather than shoes. My question, that I have been going back and forth over, is whether to get the Arizona model (without a heal strap) or the Milano model (with a heal strap). I would ideally get the Arizona because I prefer the look and functionality of being able to slip them on easily. But do you find it difficult or annoying to ride without a heal strap on your sandals?

erik said...

thanks! well, it's my friend alex who is actually using those birkenstocks. no heel. he can ride in anything, and further than most. your mileage may vary. i think birks are probably plenty stiff for most feet. my chacos are a bit more flexy, i would think.

TS said...

I've seen all manner of ride reports from various bike groups and blogs. It's true- a picture is worth a thousand words, and yours have truly raised the bar on everyone. Your travels are truly inspiring!

BTW, Rivendell should pay you for the nice product placement you've been doing.

Doug said...

Hi Eric, I met you last night at bikeshare. Loved your photos, and would love to have more details about the route for your sierra trip. Was considering doing something similar myself, but wound up spending more of my time down South. http://ridetolivetoride.tumblr.com has photos and maps from my trip if you're curious.

erik said...

hey doug, i can share lots of details with you -- do you have a contact you prefer? i'll get in touch!

erik said...

also, nice blog!