Juniper s24o

We rode up Mt. Diablo for the new moon and stargazing.

rolling foothills (i used my canon 40d with polarized lens, later the photos are emily's ricoh grd)

climbing with the sunset

it's the start of tarantula mating season, so they were out and about.

good dusk/night riding as we approached our fire road.

playing around with a red task light (red, because it doesn't affect eye dilation nearly as much)

i needed a more solid tripod than my sweater

THE best night shot from the trip


(no tarantula entanglements were had, though several were curious)

deer, emily, bicycle.

we rode out on trails through shell ridge

(we are completely in the realm of emily and her grd by this point)


Steve said...

I'm a little disappointed now. No tarantulas crossed my path the entire time I was out there. Miss you two.

Marmot said...

These photos are fabulous.

Apertome said...

The photos are amazing!