I used the 37 mile "three bears" loop to access the edge of briones regional park. This road section promises lots of great overlooks, sloggy climbs, and, since it's a fairly popular road ride on its own, a high number of logo-plastered lycra team kits. Really quite beautiful.

Resting legs just inside the park in order to plan a route to briones peak.
I brought along a few cheese and onion laden rolls from the cheeseboard bakery which replenished all that lost salt. To reach the summit, it was probably just 5 more miles and 1000 feet of climbing in the park.

A typical briones view--lots of steep hills and wide open grasses (it was 95 degrees over there today, whoops!).

Overlooking diablo from just below briones peak. I'm sticking with pedaling free, I might add.

The ridge trail continues down and through some great groves.

Q: what would an east bay park be without free range cattle?
A: pristine.
at least this mistake has such a face.


jonathankelley said...
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Jonathan Neve said...

I saw your Quickbeam in the Old Market earlier this summer, as I first learned about Riv Bikes. I really dig your blog and photos and thoughts. Too bad I never got to ride with you, as you know a ton of my friends. Best wishes to you and your lady whilst in CA.

erik said...

Too bad indeed, hopefully there will be a ride in our future. I'll be coming back from time to time. Cheers!