Steve said...

I think I missed the arrival of the Kogswell.

erik said...

It just happened recently. Matthew, the owner, has been moving his business over to Berkeley and apparently had some lightly-used proto bikes to get rid of which were listed on craigslist. That's what this one is.

I rebuilt it with everything I have laying around and installed the fenders, which used to be on the quickbeam, onto it. I'm running a 39x12-32, which is a great range for hills here and in the city. It'll get a CETMA rack soon too to carry huge loads up front.

I sold the steamroller to cover it, for a few reasons. First and foremost, I got tired of hauling huge loads on my back up ridiculous grades that required me to shift too much weight around for my liking to get a 48x19 up several hundred feet at a time. Second, my back hurts hauling full a kremlin's worth of groceries the several miles back from the berkeley bowl. Third, it's a 62cm which just isn't good enough -- this is a 64cm which fits perfectly given the headtube rise and lets me sit where I want in traffic and in general.

The added bonus, at least until it gets the CETMA 7-rail, is that it was designed brilliantly (largely by Jan Heine) to mimic the geometry of old school porteur-racer bicycles from france. So, it has 40mm trail and no flop up front which I've been really enjoying. It's fast too, definitely not an all-rounder toughness (28.6 downtube, for one), but this is the city bike!

erik said...

if it wouldn't have turned out so easy (and break-even costwise), I would've converted the steamroller to an IH and put the rack up front on it (but the trail figure for it, which I forget, seemed to indicate a less than ideal floppability -- good for track but not for 100 pounds up front).

this was easier. do recommend, I'll have more to say once the CETMA gets in.

Steve said...

Makes sense, and Kogswell seems like a good company.