half moon bay + tunitas creek s29o

There are something like 30 photos here, but that's about as low as I could get it.

our ride out of the city was wet and foggy, but the wind was at our back and we made great time. we got off at the Colma BART and headed for hwy 1.

camp at halfmoon bay state beach

drizzle and mist the entire night

we shared the tree with some nice folks touring the west coast

riding out of halfmoon via trails on day 2. we headed south on hwy 1 for tunitas creek road (which we'd miss and add a good mountain and 6 miles to the ride by the time we turned around)

seals were riding the waves out there

(surfing seal)

the fog burned off, opening up some magnificent views along the highway on the way to tunitas.

tunitas creek winds up through countryside like you see here below the range. then it turns into a switchback-laden wonderland of redwoods, very little traffic.

redwoods mandate vertical framing, tunitas creek is a good grind too at about 9 miles of climbing 2000 feet. surprisingly, the redwoods were far more overwhelming and we'd put this up there for best road yet traveled--at the least, no cars.

switchback on the descent down kings mountain road.

nearing the bottom of the descent into the east side of the penninsula, and a quick break along a reservoir on the way back north to the Millbrae BART

not bad for an overnighter!


reverend dick said...

Fun trip.

Scott Redd said...

Nice pics. You should make calendars.

I noticed you changed the header pic from Great Plains prairie to West Coast mountains. Both are beautiful in their own ways.

erik said...

the old photo was actually from the black hills, emily and I took a trip though the george s mickelson trail. highly recommend, it's a rails-to-trails conversion that winds its way through the whole region.

i do love the great plains prairie though i wish there was more left!

how great would it be to wander through prairie for days.