Mt Diablo s24o, Summit

Monday we took the BART from Berkeley to Walnut Creek, in order to access Mt. Diablo State Park. The fine folks at Rivendell Bicycle Works helped us with directions out to the park from their shop, as well as a recommendation for some good italian food -- helpful when a ride up the mountain means a 3850 foot summit.

It was about 95 degrees during the time spent rolling through the headlands, we went through water quickly.

And it stayed pretty warm the whole time...

somewhere around 1000-1500 feet

Getting closer to our campground at about 2600 feet of elevation gain.

myself, on the ridge trail


the shadow of mt. diablo looms toward infinity

emily took this beautiful photo.

on our way back along fireroads to the main road, this wily raccoon and his pal emboldened us for the summit push.

3849 feet! We pointed the other way for the 11 miles back down...


Bess said...

my legs hurt from looking at this.

Scott Redd said...

Two words. Ouch, and wow.

OK, maybe a few more words. I bet you needed a new chain after the climb, and new brake shoes after the descent. :)

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Tex69 said...

geez, espectacular!