128 and fish rock rd, mendocino (1/3)

Taking a few days to ponder, I climbed aboard the amtrak capitol corridor and headed up to Cloverdale to begin several days in the forests, mountains, and oceans.

outside cloverdale
outside cloverdale, along 128

along 128 2

along 128

along 128 3

along fish rock road
Turning off 128 and heading West into something like backcountry, I took fish rock road on the recommendation of Jay from RBW. Fish Rock is a thin winding low-maintenance road that begins as a single lane paved stretch in a redwood grove valley and degrades (improves?) into a meandering dirt path dominated by 2-3 mile 15% grades that repeat several times as the road climbs sharply across the coastal mountain range toward hwy 1 and the ocean. Fish Rock is 30 miles or so, 4 cars were seen.

atop fish rock
this view peaked out of the trees alongside the road

fish rock road
getting better

fish rock in the evening
evening light, loose gravel. idyllic mountainside cycling path...

within mendocino
orion peaked through the trees in the aerial logging clearing i found for camp, this is a 50mm lens at 1.8 for 8 seconds on a tripod, iso1600. see orion's nebula in the sword below the belt.

stars in mendocino
fisheye nightsky


franklyn said...

I didn't think Amtrak trains go to Cloverdale (and I am from nearby Ukiah). Did you take the connecting bus to Cloverdale? How did you bring your bike aboard?

Nice pictures

adammmm said...


Marmot said...

Really beautiful. I love sheep.

erik said...

hi franklyn, no trains--you are right--but the connecting bus service does. you'll need to get a brief ride on the train in order to buy a bus ticket (so are the caltrans rules), but you're able to simply stash your bike in the belly of the bus cargo hold for the trip. i was lucky that not too many people were on the eureka line last wednesday, so there was plenty of room--amtrak must accomodate you though, and i do recommend bringing a few straps to keep your bike from swinging about below too much.

Hudson Gardner said...

That first photo reminds me so much of where I used to hike when I lived in Davis years ago. I miss California so much, and I wish that my dad would have never moved here to Nebraska. This is a wonderful blog, keep it up!

David J said...

Is there anywhere along Fish Rock Rd where someone could get off the road and have lunch and enjoy the peace and beauty?

erik said...

about midway through there's a high point after a particularly long slog with an exposed ridge that opens in either direction. wish i had a specific spot but that's all i can remember. cheers,