orion nebula

orion nebula
My first attempt at deep space photography, captured from the light polluted skies of my patio.

In ~650 CE, excited electrons in this cosmic cloud of dust released these photons into a 1350 year journey, culminating at objective of my modest telescope where their energy met the sensor of my dslr and created this image. Everything we are condensed out of a similar nebular process (4.5 billion years ago).

One photo, ISO 1600 at 1 minute, equatorial mount. Room for improvement, but a good start.

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Marmot said...

Wow! You did it!

The Ramblings of an Almost-Medical Truant said...

what kind of scope do you have?

erik said...

i'm using a celestron 8" xlt on a cgem mount. i can tell you more about good places to find excellent condition used equipment (my route of choice for this stuff).