marin minitour (2.5 / 3)

Looking South from Arch Rock
We reached arch rock and took in the splendor of the pacific.

Looking Down from Arch Rock
Looking down.

Rock, Ocean, Birds
Peering out.

Bird, Rock, Plants, Ocean.
Bird. Rock. Plant. Ocean.

arch rock
Taken from below, looking through the namesake arch where the previous shots were taken.

Behind Arch Rock
Here, you can see how the erosion of this small stream opened a small hole in the rock that was subsequently morphed by the powerful ocean waters into the large arch found today.

Muddy Saluki
Emily's Saluki was wet and filthy.

Sunset Above Stinson
Sunset, while climbing up Fairfax-Bolinas.

Sunset above Stinson
We watched it pass as we ate an early dinner in preparation for the climb.

Night on Tam
Taken while cooking the main course later that night, at our stealthy campsite.

Stars on Tam
If you look to the bottom and middle thirds of this image, you'll make out a small meteor-looking flash. Close up, it is symmetrical, which betrays its being a satellite flare. I didn't see this until I reviewed the photo. It was totally unexpected. We also didn't expect to see the eclipse of the moon by an overhead plane (unfortunately, I was not quick enough to the camera to catch that remarkable sight).

Emily by Night
Emily cooking (and holding still).

Stars from Mt. Tam
The view just outside the tent.

Rivendell Atlantis by Night
The near-full moon was bright.

Nemo Losi Tent, Red Lamp, White Moon, Stars, Trees
The view inside the tent. Red lamp for reading refracting across the inside of tent mesh, white moonlight refracting across the outside, cosmos outside.

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