marin minitour (3 / 3)

After a night of sleep, we woke up with Mt. Tam standing between us and a breakfast of vegetable omelettes and pancakes. The affair of the morning was 2000 feet of climbing over some pristine views along Bolinas-Fairfax and Ridgecrest. We got fairly hungry by the end of it.

Dawn on Spanish Moss Above Tent
Spanish moss above our tent in the morning light.

Resting in the Morning
From our site, overlooking Stinson Beach.

Riding out from Campsite
Emily riding out.

Ridgecrest near Bolinas Ridge
One of the many microclimates along the way, this is just beyond the intersection of Bolinas-Fairfax, Bolinas Ridge, and Ridgecrest.

Climbing Ridgecrest

Winding Roads
A world class ride.

Atlantis on Ridgecrest
The view to the horizon pays off any doubts from the climb.

Ridgecrest in the Morning
More of ridgecrest.

Looking South from Above Pan Toll Road
Looking south out to the penninsula from the top of Pan Toll Road.

SF and the foothills we descended through to reach the Golden Gate (it's peeking out) and eventually the BART.

The beauty and accommodation along so many of the cycling routes coupled with moderate/nonexistent traffic made for an incredibly relaxing tour. We'll be back.


Marmot said...

Gorgeous, all of it. What a wonderful trip. What striking scenery. Love it.

munsoned said...

Nice capture of that climb(6th picture). Most people mistakingly tilt the camera upward along with the road which hides the gradient. Your well-done horizontal camera shot shows the serious rise of the mini-mountain ahead of you.

Great pictures of an apparently wondrous trip. Consider me jealous.