marin minitour (2.0/3)

Cross Marin Trail
The next day we rode out along the Cross Marin trail, which is a great little stretch lined by redwoods that opens onto the pastoral setting of Point Reyes.

Atlantis Coming off Cross Marin Trail
Leaving the trail,

Outside Point Reyes
and riding to Point Reyes for some delicious food at the Bovine Bakery. It was raining by this point (and had most of the previous night), but the weather cleared out by the afternoon.

Bird at Autumn
That left some beautiful clouds littering the sky, making for good photography.

Entering Reyes NP

Bear Valley Trail
Always keen for mixed terrain, we rode up Bear Valley Trail in the Park--this would eventually allow us to access the Pacific and Arch Rock.

Along Bear Valley 4
After 3.5 miles, there's a bike rack and one must continue on foot to the sea. Enjoying a new human pace apart from the bikes, many small details came into view.

Along Bear Valley 3

Along Bear Valley 1

bear valley trail*
"*" denotes a photo taken by emily

Along Bear Valley 2

To temper the many photos, there will be two posts for this day. The other will follow tomorrow.

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