Thanks for polling. I figured it'd be worthwhile to get some opinions before I started in on a decision, and this has achieved that.

I think I'll create a small-format calendar, perhaps just with a 5x7 image on top (let me know if larger is best). I'd like to find a way for them to be detachable, so after the month was over you'd be able to pass them along as a postcard-like gift that said "hey, ride a bike or keep doing it" to whomever you wished. Sold without profit to me, too.

It'll be a year end celebration, and will reflect a variety of riding--snow, transport, firetrails, among others. It won't happen until the end of December though, I'm cooking up graduate school applications and about to be back on the job hunt in force I'm afraid.


Scott Redd said...

I'd also insist that every photo have a bike in it somewhere. The scenery is breathtaking by itself, but you know how we are about bikes. :)

erik said...

point taken scott, if I create one that will be a requirement!