mark your calendars : showing 8|17-8|25

credit: roving studio
I am pleased to invite you to the Post Car Travel Agency
Friday, August 17th, through Saturday, August 25th. 

My friends at roving studio along with swift industries are working hard to create a situation that supports the kind of relational experience I hope my work here inspires people to pursue in their daily life. I believe their work will help shed light onto new potentials for our relationship with the landscape we live in and the historically particular reality generated by the past 75 years of a auto-dominated cultural relationship with it. Step into the performative alternate reality to both the traditional travel agent|aaa experience common to the peak of the auto-age and the sorts of lonely internet search engining that has replaced it. These wonderful people are dedicating their time to provide a variety of travel advice for bicycle travel ranging from 1-7 days that originates in san francisco to take folks of all ages and abilities to some of the best parts of the state and our backyard. Many in our local  community will be there teaching classes ranging from making hammocks and alcohol stoves to birding.

They have asked me to participate and I couldn't be happier. I'll be showing a variety of my work as part of installation. All the trip guides, which you can take and use to guide your travels, incorporate my photography as well. Several potential trips are taken from routes shown in this blog. If you have wanted a fine print of my work, this is your chance.

I'd love to see you there at opening night, August 17th from 6-9pm (there shall be beer)
I'll also be along for the s24o leaving from 337 Shotwell on the 25th of August to Sam P. Taylor.


StoreFrontLab launch party. credit: StoreFrontLab

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