We climbed out of the city via tunnel road to access the greater redwood park area and a mixture of trails and roads (west ridge trail, pinehurst road, among others).

the view going home never gets old


Marmot said...

The last photo is stunning. Is there fog in the evening, then?

Steve said...

Those old dinosaurs hanging out at the Oakland docks always calmed me - even though they are key tools of destructive global related to over-consumption. Cranes can be beautiful in their nests.

erik said...

Fog tends to role in for most of the year, right not it's not so bad with occassionally consistenly sunny days though. This example didn't come much further than that (at least relative to Berkeley).

Steve, yes those cranes are freaky. Today I rode my finally-settled commute route to the coalition offices in Fruitvale. The route goes right along the embarcadero and they loom next to me--it's a strange paring of steel fabrications. Instrumental Reason. It's all a bit like a nightmarish cartoon. I should take some photos.