More night riding lately, days are shorter, so more long exposures. It was nice to have gloves tonight.


Marmot said...

Nice to have gloves, huh? We needed a shovel on October 9th when 5 inches of snow fell. It's gotta be a record.
Miss you. I want to come see this beautiful place!

RD said...

nice hipster bars just kidding:D but some tape would be nice !!!! I need to get me a pair of dirt drops they just look like a lot of fun to ride

erik said...

Tape goes on soon. It takes awhile to dial in a new bar, but they seem to be working great now. I like the width at the hoods on my nitto noodles (48 c-c vs. 45 c-c on the dirt drop), but the flare can be nice when on rough stuff. If I were a bit smaller the DD would be perfect. It's a good design, and I like restoring the mb-1 to its intended form (given the dirt drop debuted on the '87 mb-1).

Glad to see you were riding some snow, too.