shaver lake south (6 | 7)

today repeated such a great stretch from my traverse of the sierra crest a few years back.

if pressed to chose, this is my favorite "road."









the first at the primary reservoir on the king river : shockingly low

abandoned campground and empty reservoir, closed since last labor day. a real sobering reminder that we are running out of water.

*I wanted to write something about riding, I feel like I need to. It's been a few years, so relax -- I won't make a habit out of it. But, it's sad to say that i wonder as I hit publish how many people could see this and drive to the top of this ride. I don't publish as many ride details, let alone many of the best places I ride anymore, because i'm afraid somebody is going to spew 8 hours of pollution to drive across a desertified central valley to poach the idea of the experience with a conveniently loaded gps track on their iphone. The SCENE, if something so simple as bike touring ever could have one, is partially abandoning the prime understanding laden to this activity -- that there was more to life than consumption -- especially now that the big players are joining the game and selling you this garbage as if it were ever cool. take the train. it's there so you don't have to live a life of marketed experience. don't let rich kids with blogs they paid somebody else to design and specialized bicycles sell you bullshit you don't want and more importantly don't need. please. focus on the local. think about what and who you are supporting. what you are standing for. there is a real community of riders out there, and you don't need any clothing (musa, rapha, or otherwise) to take part. ride your bike everyday and never ever buy a toyota pickup, a westie, or otherwise just because you saw it on instagram. Stay true to the thing that brought you into this in the first place.

What will you look back and think about what you did while our planet was undergoing anthropocene collapse?

Keep it real. Back to the regular programming. Thanks for giving me a paragraph and thanks for reading.


Dan said...

Great post. I honestly think the passion for self-powered adventure, along with a dash of anti-establishment zeal, is what gives your posts character. I say keep it up.

reverend dick said...

Yes. Yes,yes,yes.

Unknown said...

I've often wondered about your posting photos with minimal description. Reminds me of surfers with secret mysto spots, wanting to share but knowing too much ruins it. For those who wonder "where is that?" the answer is usually not too far away. No matter where you go, there you are.


jarado said...

w3rd to all of this son

Derek Bogaert said...


Elmer Carlson said...

Internet, Driving all we see in our Brains!
Seek the real,local,known! The planet is under
continuous stress and your site and posts have always been anti-style in nature and real.
Please keep up the REAL!
Washington State