detroit > high desert spring, willamette nf (6 | 14)

camped on this closed forest road

the top of santiam pass, a rather unpleasant climb up one (the only?) busy highway of the trip

kassie and carrie were doing a trip of their own, and i caught up to them in sisters oregon.
we spent the next several days riding together and had lots of fun.

climbing toward a backcountry "shortcut" across a saddle aside broken top

another great campsite, next to a small spring feed stream in willamette nf


Jono Davis said...

May I ask, do you upload photos from the road or wait until you've returned? Either way, thanks for such a rich source of inspiration.

erik said...

when i return--if i did a long tour i'd probably update from the road, but i've yet to find a good solution for on the road that doesn't require an iPad (which i don't have), or a computer (which would weigh about as much as half of my equipment).

you're welcome!