sf > hwy 1 > tunitas creek

My first honest road ride in some time. It's quite a change for me to have a lighter bicycle designed for the purpose. About sixty miles in 4 hours, which I'm pretty happy about given the climbing.


the top of devil's slide

pumpkin fields outside half moon bay


at the base of the climb up tunitas, the moon was nice to have in the east all day.

dense redwoods on the way up made for dramatic little punches of late afternoon sun


The climb levels out as the road approaches the summit which speeds things up and offers welcome relief after the steep middle section. Tunitas creek is still my favorite climb here~you can't top the combination of cool redwoods, a 1.5 lane silky smooth road, and a noisy stream to keep the company.

From the top of kings it was a 10 mile or so descent to the caltrain. This ride marks the 3/4 point of my goal to ride the mountains in 4 corners of the bay in january. diablo, tam, kings: hamilton remains.

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