may has been busy

Bike to Work Day preparations ate my schedule for the past month~riding was squeezed in according to no plan, hence the lack of photos. I'll be back soon.
IMG_5015 blog
lots of hauling


bikeculturetheory said...

This is what I love about these trailers--it would have been a real pain in the butt to try to figure out how to get those things (whatever you have there :) ) into the back of a flatbed truck, van, etc. Here you have few constraints. We have the 64" version and have carried all kinds of things zipcar would have been more of a pain.

- j

erik said...

those are the bicycle valet racks we use at the bicycle coalition, which were getting run about in anticipation of bike to work day. i can't imagine easily transporting them in any other way, at least in a fashion that garners such positive public response from passersby...