we've stopped using cleated shoes as of late, and it just feels better all the time (thanks, david).

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Apertome said...

Oh yeah, platform pedals are great. I love being able to wear any shoes (or sandals) I want.

erik said...

it doubles the function of my bike and, surprisingly, one of the most significant advantages I see on extended hill climbs. I ripped up spruce st. (that's the big first climb here) in my 35x22 bailout seated nearly the whole time, and it felt far better than the 34x32 on my atlantis doing the same thing (with cleats). I don't know, but it certainly seems like I'll do it from now on. Easier to run a bike up the occasional impass. For what it's worth, I ride a 35x19 on trails around here and a 38x16 on the street (unless i'm lazy and don't change the cog).